Want to PR? Here’s what TRUE recovery looks like

If you’re team train hard 6-7 days a week – this is for you.

Subconsciously, I would define myself as lazy if I didn’t get that workout in, IYKYK.

Yes, people say you need rest days,

But people also said it wasn’t possible to break the 4 minute mile, and now over 1,000 people have done it.

I thought I was the anomaly when it came to rest; I had goals and I was willing to work hard for them.

My “more training is better” mindset did help me PR though.

I PR’d the amount of rest days I had to take due to nagging injuries.
I PR’d how quickly I regressed in my training, shortening my workouts because I didn’t have the energy.

Lesson learned. I’m most people, you probably are too.

Our bodies need recovery to grow and improve just as much as they need the training stimulus.

Training is where you break things down. Recovery is where you repair and replenish.

At least one complete day off where you aren’t training or working out is a great thing for your body & mind.

A few ways to ensure you get the recovery you need on that value-able rest day (s)

  • Eat the same amount of food you do during your training days. Your body is hard at work while you “rest”, providing adequate energy so it can repair is optimal.
  • Give yourself permission to fully rest. The mental energy drain and stress of feeling lazy, guilty, or less than for not working out is taxing.
  • Sleep in if possible, during sleep is when we gain the most benefits from recovery. Give your body the rest and repair it needs to regain the strength, stamina and power to go even harder when you return.
  • Do at least one thing during that day that brings you joy or relaxation, the goal is to reduce stress & re-energize.

If taking a rest day is a hard pill to swallow, figure out something else you can do that supports your goal but doesn’t involve vigorous exercise, walk, hike, zone 2 work or go a different route and focus on the mental side of things. Meditate, visualization exercises, mental progress can be equally as important as the physical.

Do you take at least one full day off of training or your workouts?

Love & Light, Whit

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