This has been life changing. I lost weight which was a huge plus but I don’t even think it was the biggest perk. The way I feel is the biggest perk. I feel good. For what feels like the first time in my adult life my nutrition is on point. And BONUS it is not a diet and therefore does not feel like a diet. I eat a lot of food! A lot. And I feel great! Thank you Whitney for changing our lives and teaching us what our bodies need to thrive!

- Kourtney


Whitney taught me the importance of eating more in order to continue training for 3 big runs. She worked with my 109-mile relay team and we were already come race time. She continued to help as we continued training for the Colorado Half and the Athens Marathon in 2019. With her help, we all completed our own race in our own way. For me personally, Whitney helped me build confidence in my body to begin running. You see I had never registered for even a 5K and here I was training for a 109 mile relay and my leg was just under 9 miles, and with her help I fueled my body with food that worked with my body, and I never felt better.  This gave me so much confidence I went ahead and signed up for the half and the full marathon both of which I finished and felt great mentally and physically.  Whitney has been a driving force in my training and continues to check in on me. She truly is a master of her craft and understands we are all different, and she fosters that. 

- Wendi

I first found Whitney through social media, I was attracted to the quality of nutritional content she shared on the public platform. I registered for the Nutrition Catalyst program on a whim, and it was the best decision I could have ever made. I understood macronutrients, but I didn’t realize how much I was undereating and how inconsistent with my nutrition I was being. I found myself over restricting on the weekdays, overeating on the weekends, and never feeling happy. I trusted Whitney and her knowledge and increased my calories adjusted my macronutrients to support my athletic goals. I felt an immediate improvement in my mood, energy during training, and mindset towards food. What was crazy was that I was eating more food and looking better! That went against everything diet culture has taught me. I am no longer restricting myself, constantly thinking about food, or thinking about my next meal. Whitney has taught me to balance my nutrition and remove the destructive all-or-nothing mindset I carried for so long. The Nutrition Catalyst program and working with Whitney have changed my outlook on food and “dieting” and substantially improved my life. I would recommend her coaching to any athlete or person wanting to improve their health or achieve their athletic goals. 

- Selena

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I have struggled with nutrition for years, trying and failing at every type of ‘diet’ out there. As active women, our needs are different. Whitney’s coaching and support throughout the program, as well as the support of the like-minded women in the group, really helped me stick with it as I developed new habits. I figured out what works for my body right now, which was different than I would have ever believed. I now know how to properly fuel my body day to day and around training and have excellent sustained energy that I haven’t had in a long time. I’m a mountain biker and since finishing the program I have been pulling tons of PR’s on every single ride. There’s no denying the WNC program has made an impact on my health and fitness and I’m really happy I did it.

- Cassidy