Lower Body Workout – Off-Season Build

Quad Focus

This is a workout from the Off-Season Build Program. The Off-Season build program is for anyone looking to build some raw strength and muscle definition while still having the flexibility to run, bike, swim or do a CrossFit workout during the process.

The days of NO CARDIO to build strength are over. If you’re planning on running a race or doing any type of cardio in the future, you need to maintain at least a base, if not more.

This program shows you how to do just that without overuse, injuries, or burnout. It also provides guidance on how you should be eating to accomplish your goals.

I cannot wait to share the entire program with you!


Sets X Reps

A1. Squat 1 X 5 RPE 7 , 3 x 5 @ 88% of 1 X 5 RPE 7

A2. Leg Press or Narrow Stance Back Squat w/ heel elevated

2 X 10-15 8 RPE ( 3 – 4 Reps in Reserve)

B. Superset – 8 RPE, rest b/w sets as needed. These should be tough.

B1. Bulgarian Split Squats 3 X 8 each leg
B2. Glute Kick Back 3 X 10 each leg

C. Dimel Deadlift
2X8 (7 RPE, you can use straps)

D. Condition 5 Rounds Bodyweight or lightweight
10 each side Single leg hip thrust
10 each side Box Step up w/ Knee Drive
10 each side Lunge

E. Core Finisher (optional) 3 Sets
20 bicycle crunch
15 v – ups
10 full sit-ups

**This workout takes b/w 60-70 minutes to complete.

Love & Light, Whit

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