GF | DF Funfetti Mug Cake


1 scoop protein  {I use 1st Phorm iced oatmeal cookie}

1 tbsp egg white

1 – 2 tbsp funfetti cake mix (I use GF version)

1/4 tsp baking soda

Almond milk or water until batter consistency


Warm in microwave ~60 seconds

Top with whip cream, almond milk, ice cream if you’re feeling frisky.

I personally have used many protein powders, this recipe works with 1st Phorm. If you use other proteins, you might need to play with the ratios to get the consistency just right.

For all you DAIRY lovers and or Pumpkin Spice Babes.

1st Phorm also has a Pumpkin spice protein powder, mix that with a little pumpkin instead of the egg whites above, and you have yourself a pumpkin muffin that packs 30 grams of protein.

Love & Light, Whit

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