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Free Workout – Off-Season Build

Upper Body Focus

Another smasher of a workout for you today! But before you dive in, let’s talk about the importance of upper body training for endurance.

  • A stronger arm swing in run improves leg drive.
  • Strong core, back, upper body supports proper running form when fatigue sets in.
  • Increase stamina.
  • Stronger bike handling and stability on the bike. Especially on the MTN, have you been to a downhill park before.
  • The benefits to swim are endless!


Sets X Reps

A1. Deadlift – work up to a heavy single @ 7 RPE
Drop to 80% of single, 3 X 3 (fast off the ground)

A2.Bench Press 1 X 7 @ & 7 RPE
3 X 7 @ 92% of first set.

B. Dumbbell Incline Bench Press 3 X 12 (7 RPE)
Dumbbell Lat raises 3 X 15 (7 RPE)

C. Optional
PowerClean 1 X 5 @ 5 RPE ( this should be light but not too light you don’t feel tension)
PowerClean 2 X 10 @ very lightweight, something you could do for 60 reps or more 🙂

D. 10 Rounds
5 Tall Kneeling DB Press 5 DB Bent Over Row
5 DB Power Clean to Push press
20m DB Overhead Carry
Choose Lighter weight! This gets SPICY!

**This workout took 65 minutes to complete.

Love & Light, Whit

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