Flexibility with Intra Training Food

Don’t be so serious.

How you can have flexibility with your food and hydration during your long endurance days.

Like I said in the previous post, if you didn’t read, go back and check it out.

The only way you can truly embrace flexibility with your food is if you have these two things.

  1. Understand the value of carbohydrate while working out.
  2. Awareness of your body cues.

Understand. If you’re going on a run or ride lasting longer than 90 minutes, you want to hit that energy about 20-35 grams of simple carbs around 45 mins – 60 mins into it. From there, every additional 40 – 60 minutes depending on your body & your situation.

Awareness. If you’re 20 minutes in and feeling rough or you FEEL your body start to shift, EAT .

Understand + Awareness. You may not feel hungry or even low on energy, that’s actually a good thing because you can keep up with your energy by eating, this is why you need both, it’s more about understanding than feeling here; once you feel it, you’re body has a much harder time trying to catch up to that energy you had.

On the flip side, too much food can also hinder you due to GI upset. Our body can only utilize about 1//3 of the energy we are taking in during a session so keep that in mind, more ins’t always better.

Flexibility looks like …

  1. Understand that if you’re out there for a long time, you need food and eat within the time guidelines above. How much of it, really depend on your circumstance. Sometimes, I’m feeling great, I know the ride or run is coming to an end soon and I’m going to eat a big meal so that sugar boost won’t do much.
  2. Other times, my body isn’t feeling the best, I make sure to eat earlier and stay consistent even if it’s a few fruit snacks at a time.
  3. The amount you eat isn’t as important. If you have general awareness of what 35 grams looks like, you do your best. Which is why I love fruit snacks because I know there’s 22 grams of carbs in the pack.
  4. Personal preference. You get to decide how you take in your energy. I’m a slow and steady person, I have a sensitive stomach, too much at one time, is a no go. Which is why I love those honey sticks, 4 grams per shot. Or a few fruit snacks at a time. Whereas, my husband can pour the entire fruit snack pack in his mouth and feel like a champ.

This is why you need both understanding & awareness. Becuase you won’t always be able to tap into both but if you know how YOUR body responds and you’re aware of when to eat, you’ll save yourself from the dreaded BONK.

No one wants to be the party pooper out on a long ride who hits the wall

and you sure as heck don’t want to be 6 mile deep into your run and realize the 6 mile back is going to be TORTURE.

What’s your favorite intra workout food?

Love & Light, Whit

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