Dine Out And Achieve Your Body Goals

Real Talk: Dining Out and working towards your body goals can be hard.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The key is to be in the right mindset, meaning it’s not go big or go home, you can live in the middle, and know what to look for on the menu to stay aligned with your goals.

When it comes to tracking, you’re not going to be accurate so don’t waste too much time with it.

A few things to note before we dive into the strategy.

Restaurants use oil or butter to cook pretty much everything in. Even if you order potatoes, you have no idea how much oil/butter they used so you can either tell them to omit it( some places will/ some won't) or just roll with the it.
You're going to get far more carbs on your plate than what a normal serving is. Prepare for it & adjust accordingly. This is where having a general idea of what a serving of food look like comes in clutch, for example, that one scoop of rice from chipotle is typically about 2-3 servings.

Here’s my dining out strategy that leaves me feeling confident 99% of the time.

  1. Know before you go. Do your research, read reviews, look at menus, know what to expect and if they have things you could eat
  2. Suggest or choose the restaurant.
  3. Inform the staff of any food allergies!
  4. Menu options. Find 2-3 things you’d enjoy eating. Figure out if you can modify to make it work for you. Sauce on the side, no bun, extra protein. **side note: Salads are usually more calorie and fat-dense than most dishes and lack adequate protein so order what sounds good to you, not what you think is “right”.
  5. Manage expectation. Unless you’re looking at a Cava or Chipotle style restaurant, finding a meal that aligns perfectly with your goals is not realistic. Accept that, enjoy the food, and be proud that you’re making the best choices with what you’ve got.
  6. Quality of life equation. If dining out is a normal thing for you, you have flexibility to order specific foods that align well with your goals. If this is a special occasion, a rare occasion, or a place you’re excited about – memories & good food are far more important than hitting a macro goal for one day.

    If you’re look for more tips and strategies to feel 100% confident in your nutrition, learn to eat food you love while still making progress towards your goals, check out Women’s Nutrition Catalyst, it may just be the freedom you’ve been searching for.

Love & Light, Whit

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