Nutrition + Body Awareness Challenge

When it comes to challenges, it’s hard to get away from the cookie-cutter structure. The same rules apply to everyone regardless of where you are in your nutrition and fitness journey.

It leaves a lot of guessing and pressure on you to perform even if you’re not sure you’re up for the challenge.

I don’t want you to feel pressure, overwhelmed, or have any resistance to trying this challenge so the Nutrition + Body Awareness challenge offers 3 tiers.

Tier 1 MacroTracking

  1. Download the MyFitnessPal app, from there, you will go through this macro guide to calculate what your macros should be.

2. Follow this tutorial to enter your macros.

3. Start using the app on Monday to track all food you eat.

Tier 2 Introduction to MacroTracking

1. Download the MyFitnessPal app.

2. Set the calorie amount to 2600

3. Let MyFitnessPal breakout the Protein | Fat | Carbs for you.

These numbers DO NOT matter.

4. Beginning Monday, you will loosely enter the food you eat throughout the day.

Here’s what loosely means: It’s more important that you become aware of the food and what’s in the food you eat. You will not have specific target numbers right now.

You will scan any food that has a scanning label

You will read the food label, paying attention to serving size, serving amount, protein, carb, fat, and ingredients. See below.

Tier 3 Habit + Lifestyle Based – No Tracking

  1. Use the habit tracker, your own tracking system, or print the document below to track your 5 habits.

    Throughout the challenge, you will be introduced to protein, carbs, fat, your macronutrients. You will learn about portion sizing, whole foods, ratios that work for your body, and how to eat based on feel, not emotions, boredom, or habit.

That’s it!

You must claim it. You must create it. Your own understanding of your body will create an invisible ripple effect on your entire being. #ownit.

Love & Light, Whit

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