Off Season Build

for the woman
who is ready to become
Strong, lean, & confident
in her body

Be Strong& Stay Lit

A  course designed to help get to the next level with your body, training, & performance

– you’re worth it – 

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Course coming in 2022

I figured out what works for my body right now, which was different than I would have ever believed. I now know how to properly fuel my body day to day and around training and have excellent sustained energy that I haven’t had in a long time. I’m a mountain biker and since finishing the program I have been pulling tons of PR’s on every single ride.

Module Breakdown

Welcome Module: How to win every time. 

Module 1:  Nutrition 101, what you need to know

Module 2: F*ck diet culture

Module 3: Eat to support your body

Module 4:  Maximize training nutrition, maximize results.


You Belong Here.

If you ever felt you didn’t fit in, you were the odd one out because you enjoyed all the fitness, your body type doesn’t represent one single fitness modality, you love to train but still feel uncomfortable calling yourself an athlete because you’re doing it for you, not to stand on the podium. 

You care a lot about what you put in your body but you’re not willing to sacrifice the goodness of delicious food, like a salty margarita with some chips and queso.

It’s called living. And that’s exactly what we do here. We eat well, train hard, & live our life on our terms. 

Be strong & Stay lit 

Believe in a bigger & better story than the one your inner sh*t
is telling you."

Module 5:  Strength to amplify momentum

Module 6: Recovery Goddess

Module 7: Training, a part of your life, not your whole life

**BONUS: Female athlete & Hormone Health

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I’ve been waiting so long to share this with you, this course right here shares all of my blood, sweat, tears, joy, purpose, passion in one. It’s been a long time coming! 

– testimonial – 

“This has changed the way I look at my life as a whole and something I plan to build on moving forward.

It has allowed me to understand the nutrition that fits with my fitness goals as well as how to maintain the lifestyle I want on a long term level. I can’t recommend this coaching group enough if you’re serious about diving deep into nutrition to support your fitness & body.

I feel so much stronger in the endurance and strength department and can totally attribute that to proper nutrition.