5 things I wish I new as a leisure athlete

If I knew, or maybe it’s more like if I did these 5 things, I could have achieved my goal in half the time.

I only failed 100x to finally turn a crazy dream into my reality.

The advice below came directly from my failures, I hope this saves you some time on your journey & encourages you to go for it.

your goal is 100% possible.

🔸You have to eat way more food than you’re used to. Muscle needs energy, energy = food. In order to build muscle, you gotta feed muscle.

🔸Combining multiple programs together, i.e a strength program + an endurance program is a recipe for daily soreness, weight gain/muscle loss, and regression with your goals. You are not the anomaly, your body is not indestructible. +++ If you want both, you either neither to find a program that combines both or work with a coach to help you create a program designed with your goals in mind

🔸Recovery is how you get better. My rest days were 10 mile runs and then I would expect my volume squat days the following day to go smooth 👉🏼 silly. Ignore them and you’ll learn the value after weeks of work w/ zero progress.

🔸Priorities & expectations. Building muscle & sustaining your endurance is hard work. You either commit 100% or suffer the consequences.

🔸Mindset. Don’t let what you used to believe get in the way of what you’re trying to achieve. The fear of gaining weight or losing my speed & endurance kept me falling back into old habits more often than not. One step forward and two steps back kept me feeling uncomfortable all the time & making zero progress, it was a lose lose. #trusttheprocess.

What’s holding you back from making the change?

Love & Light, Whit

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