Overdose on Sugar


I’m pretty sure more than half of Americans become addicted to sugar over the holiday season if they aren’t already. It’s everywhere.

You add the increase of baking, drinking, and festive candy with the added stress and busy ness of the holiday season, it’s a recipe for sugar overload.

The influx of sugar consumption isn’t just bad for your waistline, it also affects your brain and hormones. Some of the biggest sugar offenders of the holiday season are the drinks we consume. Some of your favorite seasonal beverages pack more sugar than a full size snickers bar.

The sugar content of some of the most popular festive drinks are listed below.


This is before their spiked, imagine the sugar and toxin overload once you add your favorite holiday spice to the mix.

Eggnog – 20 grams sugar

Mulled Wine 15- 20

Apple cider 25 – 30
Tall Peppermint Mocha ( skim milk or 2%) 40 grams

Tall Eggnog Latte 42 grams

Tall gingerbread Latte 21 grams


Almond milk Eggnog

Red or White wine

Whiskey Neat

Americano with ¼ cup steamed coconut milk + 1 – 2 pumps your favorite holiday flavor

Latte with skim milk + 1 – 2 pumps your favorite holiday flavor