How to stay Hydrated during the Winter Months


As the temperature drops, I find myself drinking less and less water while searching for the nearest blanket, snack, or cup of coffee to stay warm. And then there’s the wine….


I’ve dabbled with the coffee all day, wine all night theory. It’s the perfect formula to wake up feeling like death, I don’t recommend it.

Most of our go to options in the winter don’t revolve around water, hydration is an afterthought. There are numerous side effects to dehydration that can impact daily functions, exercise, and even the way you metabolize food. To stay energized, detoxify your body, and keep off some of those Christmas cookies this year, I’ve listed a few tips I use daily to stay hydrated and feeling good during the winter months.

*Moonshine is not one of them.

  • Herbal tea & shrooms I love @herbalelement tea blends, @wildfood matcha tea & shrooms @foursigmatic coffee
  • Nuun tablets. A little flavor, electrolytes, and some vitamins to spice up my typical water.
  • Warm water + lemon. Weird? Maybe. It keeps my hands warm, keeps me away from an afternoon cup of joe ( afternoon coffee temptations have caused way too many restless nights), and it aids in digestion as well as liver detoxification. Win Win
  • Warm bone broth. I feel you judging me through the phone. Bone broth packs 9 – 10 grams of protein per serving, supports our immune system and gut health.