eat well.
lift heavy.
go the distance.

I believe...

that every woman has the strength to do far more than they can imagine. The secret to success with food & fitness is believing you can, your body is capable regardless of shape or size. I am on a mission to show women how to eat & exercise to support their body, mind, and lifestyle.







hey friend,

Whitney Here

A slouchy sweatshirt, dog lovin’, outdoor adventure seekin’ Colorado transplant who is on a mission to change the way women approach food & fitness.

I started this journey of taking ownership of my health 12 years ago; It all began with running, a part of my life since I was a babe & the catalyst to where I am today. 

Running has taken me from newbie to racing, to fractured pelvis to competitive triathlon. It led to a devastating diagnosis that ultimately guided me to coaching other women on the importance of #owningyourhealth.

Nutrition and Strength were the missing pieces, combined, they changed my life & my body.  

I discovered how to optimize my body not only to feel good, but look strong, be strong, and perform my best, which eventually led me to help other women achieve similar goals.

If I’m not working with amazing women like you, you are sure to find me on the trails, lost in the mountains, or sippin’ coffee watching the sunrise with my husband and chocolate lab Cali. To learn more about my background and my journey to this point, check out my story. 

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Dine Out And Achieve Your Body Goals

Real Talk: Dining Out and working towards your body goals can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be. The key is to be in the right mindset, meaning it’s not go big or go home, you can live in the middle, and know what to look for on the

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